Stanhope Organics is Now Farm to Garden Organics 


Farm to Garden Organics

Our Soil Developer

The Farm to Garden Cycle

Our soil developer is a combination of recycled green waste and dairy cattle manure. Heated and decomposed into a nutrient-rich soil amendment, this material can be used to develop your soil, improve water retention, break up clay, and increase microbial activity.

A developed soil is the cornerstone of a healthy garden, and it’s our goal to provide South Vancouver Island with premium cultured soil products at an affordable, wholesale price. We do this through our large scale, automated facility that features advanced technologies including:

  • Remote windrow temperature monitoring

  • In-floor aeration for eight 60-meter windrows

  • Local soil lab analysis

Our system allows us to divert large volumes of unnecessary waste from the landfill and integrate it as an essential component of our farm waste management program. We combine the organic waste of our farm with the green waste of Greater Victoria to create premium cultured soil products.


Stanhope Organics

Originally named Stanhope Organics, the farm was started as a dairy farm in the 1950’s, milking 26 cows and supplying the Jubilee Hospital with its dairy requirements. The farm and its surrounding area continued to grow, and within a few years the farm sold manure enriched soil to all the neighbouring farms, including a successful cherry orchard, holly farm, and several berry farms. 

Westbow Group of Companies

In 2020 Stanhope Organics became part of the Westbow Group of Companies and was officially renamed to Farm to Garden Organics in 2021. Following their main value of ‘Quality for Generations’, Westbow is excited to grow the company while honouring its family roots.